Community Lores

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    Community Lores (also known as in domain fashion) is Recap Time Squad's documentation arc/project for wikis and documentation-related projects.

    Access and Availability[edit]

    Each documentation project hosted under Community Lores can be either available as:

    Licensing Info[edit]

    Documentation content usually licensed under one of Creative Commons licenses, mostly the Attribution-ShareAlike licenses (either 3.0 Unported or its current International version). Non-documentation content/contributions can be liberally licensed under any of the OSS licenses accepted by the FSF and OSI (TODO: Link to acceptable licenses) or officially under public domain (via CC0 or the Unlicense).

    Contribution License Agreement requirements[edit]

    When adopting or hosting a documentation project in Community Lores, we recommend to either require signoffs for the Linux DCO or let them know in advance about the license contributions will be under instead of rigging up our CLA signing processes, which can sometimes add friction to the process.