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This page documents resources and links on where you can contact the Recap Time squad through various ways. Looking for staff members list to contact the community wiki staff instead?

Through the squad's official communication lines

We have different contact links you can use to contact the team if you don't prefer email. Depending on your preference and if it involves sensitive stuff, we might defer to either modmail or direct message to our inboxes and app availability might vary.

Official communication lines, updated as of April 23, 2022
Type Contact Info Additional Information
Keybase RecapTimeSquad Make sure to individually verify our proofs to ensure that we don't get our Twitter + DNS stuff hijacked.
Discord Recap Time Squad#6529 Most of the time, we do not reply via our placeholder account, nor even read them from them.

DM our modmail Discord bot instead.

Recap Time Modmail#1234[Notes 1] Use our modmail Discord bot to. Requires joining Recap Time Squad's Discord server.
Guilded.gg RecapTimeSquad Although Guilded might be our main HQ for internal communications, we'll try to bridge it with Matrix very soon so our team members can communicate with each other regardless of the chat apps they use.
FANDOM, via Message Wall RecapTimeSquad Squad members will always reply via their own accounts, through sensitive information shouldn't be posted publicly.
Miraheze, through the Meta wiki RecapTimeSquad Use the talk page on Miraheze Meta to contact the crew, through we always reply via our own accounts and sensitive information shouldn't be posted publicly. If you were not blocked in this wiki, you can try contacting us on our talk page here or sending us an email.

Email addresses

Currently we use an domain on one of Freenom-managed TLDs, so we need to do a bit to email anti-spam measures here to avoid triggering spam filters here. You can also email us through recaptime.eu.org domain if our main domain is broken.

Usage Email address Additional details
Main catch-all email yourfriends at recaptime dot tk When sent over that address, all squad members and some people with access
Legal legal at recaptime dot tk Copyright-related issues and other legal inquiries. Takedown requests through this address might be also accepted, routes to our internal GitLab issue tracker for legal requests.
Abuse reports abuse at recaptime dot tk Used to receive abuse reports from public services we host (currently our Kutt and Vaultwarden instances)

Through team members

While we don't recommend contacting them directly, you may try to contact them privately as provided via their user page or via their talk pages. Please respect their boundaries and don't harass or spam them every minute, you might be blocked for that. For a list of squad members, please see

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