Squad FAQ

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    This is a collection of some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Recap Time as a brand, our open-source projects, and its squad members. This is a work in progress section, so come back for more content.


    What is Recap Time? Why you call yourselves as Recap Time Squad?[edit]

    We're Recap Time, formerly known as The Pins Team, where we build open-source tools and we're behind Verification Process Endpoint (an project to confirm/verify users the open-source and transparent way and to find any possible alternative accounts), Community Lores (documentation arc for our projects and the home of Hermitcraft Video Transcripts used in the unofficial Hermitcraft Recap podcast) and Gitpodified Workspace Images (opinionated Gitpod workspace images based on upstream, with sprinkles and even more choices).

    Are you purely noncommercial?[edit]

    Yes, we chose to be an noncommercial crew. While we aren't legally registered as an not-profit org, we do working on our OpenCollective page to accept donations in the future.