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This is the Pins team's bot, CommunityCentralAssistantBot, an wiki-bot that is currently offline for now as Andrei Jiroh is currently on planning about this bot. Please be reminded that this user page may be not up to date as the development and/or deployment go by.

Staus Report

Status by Wiki
Wiki URL Status Updated as of Not available 7-20-2019 1:46 PM (Philippine Standard Time)


To deploy this bot into your wiki, first follow the setup procedures below to get running. For full guide, click the Deploy this bot link above or continue to reading on.

  1. Invite this bot to your Miraheze wiki by clicking the Deploy this bot button. Deployment requests are under manual review, so please be patient. You'll be emailed by one of our team staff if your request is approved or not, together with the bot password credinitals if approved or reasons if not approved thru EmailUser special page.
  2. See mw:Manual:Creating a bot for the guide on creating bots.

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